Spotlight on mouths - Tricks & Games: Fetch

29 May 2020, 5 p.m. by Tracey McLennan

Remember, you know your dog best so ignore any suggestions that may upset your dog or cause you to be bitten.

Fetch games are fun for dogs that enjoy grabbing. It's a bit of a grab bite. I'll show you a bit of video footage of Roxy retrieving a toy which does mean running over to it, grabbing it and bringing it back. It's the grabbing bit. Even without chasing. Even if she sits and waits and doesn't chase the thrown toy as it moves, the grabbing is still quite . . . she still quite enjoys that.

Only with toys. Not with wildlife. She's quite specific about what she wants to put in her mouth. It's really confined to toys that look like sticks – which is why we use that slightly rude looking rubber toy because it's long and like a stick. [00:49]

You can do a more gentle retrieve if you've got a dog who doesn't get so much out of it you can still teach them. I'm going to do that in a different video. I'm going to talk about hold.

Thanks for watching, bye for now.

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Tracey McLennan

Tracey is the author of Canine aggression: Rehabilitating an aggressive dog with kindess and compassion and founder of Best Dog Learning and Stuff Ltd. She has an honours degree in Canine behaviour and training, is a Tellington TTouch practitioner, and is an ACE Advanced Tutor.

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