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Are you looking for information on dangerous dogs, prey drive, livestock or wildlife worrying and want an expert source?

Tracey McLennan has worked with many media outlets. She produces high quality writing, can write for a range of audiences and is a confident and engaging speaker. Tracey can provide a quick turnaround for time-sensitive pieces.

Tracey McLennan research on training high prey drive dogs published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science

Tracey's research into prey drive in dogs was published by the peer reviewed journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science

Tracey McLennan in barks from the guild

Tracey has contributed to industry leading magazine Barks from the Guild

Tracey McLennan on Dog Speak

Tracey was interviewed on Dog Speak

Tracey McLennan on Heart Dog Trainers

Tracey chatted with Janet and Michelle from Heart Dog Trainers in their private group.

Tracey McLennan on Xtra Dog training

Tracey was interviewed by Alex from Xtra Dog

Tracey McLennan on Canicross Conversations

Tracey joined Canicross Conversations for a chat.

Tracey McLennan Canine Aggression book

Tracey is the author of the popular book Canine Aggression

I loved this book! I have done a lot of Tracey’s courses and she is a supportive, knowledgeable and understanding dog trainer.

This book gives you an account of her life with some difficult dogs and how she overcame their problems.

I found it good to know that we all struggle with our dogs at times! Highly recommend reading the book.

Amazon review by jfjclarach

Amazon Reviews for Canine Aggression book

Tracey McLennan working on media request

Examples of how Tracey can help you.

Expert written pieces
Articles on dangerous dogs, prey drive, livestock or wildlife worrying for online on print publication.

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TV, radio, conference or podcast appearances. Expert discussion and presentation about dangerous dogs, prey drive, livestock or wildlife worrying.

Social content
Social media collaborations, interviews and lives.

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