If you're thinking about doing a course, webinar or workshop with me, do have a read through these. I hope that reading the words of people I've worked with will help you to make up your mind.

“I have loved doing Powerful Pauses, and really like the methodical, gradual way you suggest training this. It's thorough and it works.“

Amanda Coles

Written testimonial

Written testimonial

TrustPilot Review

TrustPilot Review

This video was sent to me by one of the amazing people who did my Powerful Pauses class. When the chickens in the video moved in, young Jam saw them as prey and was keen to chase them. Look at him after some training.

“The many things I have learned from you mean I can now manage walks on lead with him even walking past a field of sheep.“

Jennifer Jones

“I was a bit unsure about signing up for the Best Dog Tricks course, because I've always struggled in the past when attempting this sort of training with my dog Alice. But I thought it would be a really useful thing for us to work on. Tracey was incredibly supportive and gave fantastic advice to tweak what I was doing with Alice, to give her the best chance of understanding what I was asking of her. We might have been considerably slower than the others on the course, but Tracey gave me the confidence to keep plugging away. The rest of the course members were also very supportive and celebrated our successes (no matter how small!) in the private facebook group. If you're wondering about whether it would be the right course for you - it is :)"

Clare Parker

"I loved this workshop, the chase recall is one of my and Scampi’s favourites"

Fiona McLean

“The most rewarding thing I learnt and use in my LLW training sessions is the advice and exercise you did was the “walk into the eye line of the dog” at an angle whilst on lead! That has been such a game changer for me and my clients! Thank you so much.“

Parminder Southcott ( Let's Talk Dog with Parminder Southcott )

“It's such a useful course for a busy nose."

Freya Kennedy

"Highly recommend this course my dogs and hubby loved it."

Caroline Newton

“I just wanted to let you know that I thought the webinar was fantastic. I found it really clear, well explained and totally relatable. The missing pieces from the predatory sequence definitely make complete sense.“

Pamela Moffat

“I have just finished ‘Best Dog Tricks - part 1’ with my rescue dog Charlie who has varying levels of anxiety, reactiveness and noise sensitivity/hyper vigilance. I have to say we both absolutely loved it."

Louise Park

"Tracey really listens to what you're saying and goes above and beyond with helping anyone that needs help and support, I honestly couldn't recommend more highly."

Lisa Cawkill

“Makes my heart sing to see people so very keen to help their dogs find confidence in what is a scary world for so many of them. And finding others who are having a time of it too puts things a, little more into perspective. And Tracey, who recognises that there are no problem dogs, just that some dogs and their guardians need to find the best path.“

Milena Paterson

“I've never had a conversation with another dog owner on the street as they would usually be looking on in horror at my wild dog and me. This was most definitely a win, the man was smiling too and his dogs did not respond with barking, the first time in 3 years!"

Kay Eastoe

"She walked by my side with a loose lead! I was very pleased. First time ever on a walk with other dogs and in an exciting environment."

Pauline Mitchell

“The walk certainly had the potential to go awry several times, but utilising some of the techniques learned here certainly helped.“

Kate Stuhrke

“I would thoroughly recommend Best Dog Learning courses, having completed "Relaxed walks with your prey driven dog" last week. Tracey imparts her wisdom in such a helpful and supportive manner, and the private facebook group was brilliant for sharing experiences with the other attendees. And I've now got lots of new fun ideas of how to work with Alice's prey drive."

Clare Parker

"I've just completed Tracey's online course Relaxed walks with your prey driven dog. What great fun me and my dog had! I loved the games to play and am sure with practice this is going to really help us. Lovely straightforward advice."

Fiona McLean

“I have done 2 courses, Find my Keys and Fun things to do with your dog. Both courses were fun for both dogs and myself, clear video and written class instruction and great class participation with other people and their dogs, very reasonable prices too.“

Katrina Mcguire

“I have completed 3 courses with Tracey, Find my Keys, 6 days to more fun with your dog and How to love life with a barky, growly, lungy dog. I thoroughly enjoyed all the courses. They were very accessible, easy to understand and follow, and really helped with a few issues I was having with my dog. Tracey has a lovely, easy going style of teaching that I really enjoy. She makes learning and following the exercises simple and the online format was great. I'm not good with technology but the course design was simple to access and it fitted in better with my lifestyle to be able to do guided sessions in my own time. I highly recommend Tracey's courses."

Lynne Mejury

"One more thing we have that's not really toys or food is indicating, both boys love it (Tracey teaches it in her find my keys course) and as I have keys on me when out it's really handy! They both find that really rewarding, to the point they get all giddy over my car keys, which I've been asking for a behaviour then dropping the keys as a reward for them to indicate on, food reward and start again."

Lisa Cawkill

“It is fabulous to have support from Tracey who really understands our problems. Having read her excellent book has also been an inspiration to us.“

Jennifer Frances Jones

“Traceys muzzle course is absolutely fantastic for covering all the points needed for successful muzzle wearing. I worked through it with my own dog and found everything went really well! As a vet nurse and behaviourist it is invaluable to me to have a great online resource I can recommend to clients. A dog that is happy to wear a muzzle is so much less stressed at the vets. Highly recommend all dog owners train muzzle wearing with this course."

Clare Kerr ( Talking Tails )

"The course was very easy to follow and enabled you to reward your dog at each stage."

Mandy Mactaggart

“Tracey is an experienced, qualified and compassionate individual who brings these qualities to the online learning sphere.“

Sharon Ní Dhonnchadha

“Find My Keys, helped build a great bond with both my dogs, it was both fun and useful. Using the keys unique scent combined with my own really helped Silvino and Carlo search and find them. My dogs love to work and learn , with the foundation of scent work finding things improves their wellbeing and builds confidence. Find My Keys course has helped my relationship with my dogs on focus ,engagement and most of all giving them an outlet to use their nose and natural instincts."

Caroline Newton

"Having completed the muzzle love course, I can highly recommend to others. At the beginning Charlie couldn’t even look at a muzzle without running away frightened. We enrolled in Tracey’s Muzzle Love course. A 6 week course, designed to slowly gain the confidence to building up wearing time, and the difference is truly amazing. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the TTouch moves on Charlie, and he’s enjoyed the millions of treats and the game of putting his nose in the muzzle and a treat appearing, could last for hours. Last night Charlie actually walked round the living room collecting treats from different places. No robotic moves or playing statues. I can’t believe the process behind this is using simple moves, and they really work!"

Louise Park

“I visited a friend at the farm today. The one that led to me taking Tracey’s muzzle love course to stop the boys eating their weight in horse poo and nail clippings and any other farm debris they could scoff. I haven’t done any muzzle training for a good while but decided to take the muzzles with me to see how I got on. Was super pleased with how accepting and comfortable the boys were with them on. I done three sessions all successful. I was sure I would end up searching the yard for a removed muzzle but no. They mooched about as they normally do and lazed in the sun or sat where we were chatting. So glad I done the course and all Tracey’s help and instruction has paid off.“

Maria Bradley

“I used to find our daily walks highly stressful but through taking part in Tracey’s courses my confidence has grown tremendously and I’ve developed a stronger bond with Barley. His reactive outbursts are less intense and more manageable through using the strategies I’ve learned. I would highly recommend Tracey’s courses to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their dog."

Carmel Sullivan

"I've completed two of Tracey's online courses and I really enjoyed them. Tracey breakes everything down into manageable tasks, explains it really well and demonstrates all steps in short and helpful videos."

Kareen Aufm Kampe

“Really easy to fit in with life and easy to understand. Affordable for everyone.“

Valerie Burns

“I also wanted to let you know that Murphy is really enjoying the Find My Keys course that we won in your competition. He is so excited by it and I love to see him so happy. Interestingly, he normally jumps at the front door going and goes crazy. But the other day it went while we were doing Find My Keys and although he did a quick bark, he then ignored it and didn't go racing to the door or go crazy."

Jackie Baker

"One more thing we have that's not really toys or food is indicating, both boys love it (Tracey teaches it in her find my keys course) and as I have keys on me when out it's really handy! They both find that really rewarding, to the point they get all giddy over my car keys, which I've been asking for a behaviour then dropping the keys as a reward for them to indicate on, food reward and start again."

Lisa Cawkill

“Find my keys was a great course. It’s broken down into small achievable steps, which enables you to reward your dog easily along the way. Therefore my Dinky thought it was just the greatest game. We play find the keys most days before I go to work, it’s a good for him to use his brain/nose he’s then calm and ready to be on his own for a few hours.“

Mandy Mactaggart