Privacy Policy
of Best Dog Learning and Stuff Ltd

How data about each of us is used and stored is extremely important and Best Dog Learning and Stuff Ltd takes the responsibilities that go along with the data of our valued customers very seriously.

Best Dog Learning and Stuff Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office .

Words like data, user and cookies are not familiar to everybody - there is no reason why they should be familiar for most people so I'll explain them below so that you know what I'm going on about in this policy.

I'm keen to limit the amount of data collected about the users of this site. If you choose to sign up for an account so that you can buy something from me, the site will ask you for a username, first name and email address. If you decide to join my mailing list or access a free resource, it will ask you for your email address. That's it. The site receives some additional data from PayPal as well. Best Dog Learning and Stuff uses Mailchimp to manage emails so email addresses are sent to Mailchimp.

Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here.

Learn more about Paypal's privacy practices here.

Since you retain lifetime access to any courses you have bought, I will retain your user name and e-mail addresses on the Best Dog Learning and Stuff system. If you wish your data to be deleted, email me on and I will delete all data held for you.