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I love to be able to give things away and have gathered all of the free ways you can work with me here. Everything on this page is available to you for absolutely nothing. Scroll down and see what takes your fancy.

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High Prey Drive Dog Blog

Hi - I'm Tracey McLennan and prey drive in dogs is my passion. In this blog, I write about all things relating to prey drive.

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10 minutes for a better recall

Get started today with improving your dog's recall.

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Five Tips for Loose Dogs

If the thought of a dog running at your dog to say "hi" fills you with dread, click the image, give me your email address and I'll send you a downloadable guide to dealing with it.

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Movement Matters

This is a mini course and will explain to you how important your dog's movement is. It gives you ideas too about ways to improve movement. All I need is your email address and I'll send a link to the course.

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A Fresh Look at Reactivity

Based on the latest scientific research, this webinar will give you some new and useful information on reactivity.

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Learn the power a diary can give you

If you are dealing with any sort of problem with your dog, a diary is a real secret weapon for making life better for both of you.

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Enjoy life with your aggressive or reactive dog

Life can feel hard if your dog is aggressive or reactive at times. This guide will help get you back on track again.

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Why you should care about your dog's nose

More and more is being written about the benefits of scent work for dogs. This webinar will get you started with this fascinating activity.

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