You cannot do dog training online

10 Jan 2022, 7:18 a.m. by Tracey McLennan

I sometimes hear dog trainers say that you can’t teach dog training online – and I sometimes hear it from people about their own dogs too. I’ll confess to finding it quite frustrating. I don’t tend to challenge those beliefs when I see them because I know that they are absolute truths to those people. I just sit with my feelings of frustration in knowing that people are struggling on, not accessing all the help that is available to them because of a story that isn’t true.

Dog training is unbelievably well suited to online learning. It works well in terms of results and it’s great financial value too. It gives you get the ability to go back and revisit the teaching whenever you want. So, if something isn’t working for you or you get so far down the line and realise that you can’t remember the next step it isn’t a problem. You can go back and revisit the teaching. You get a lot more for your money with online learning. There is also the ability to concentrate. You are not trying to juggle paying attention to the class with keeping an eye on what your dog is doing. Loads of teachers offering online learning will also give you a way of sharing video with them for direct feedback if you need it so that you can get that vital guidance.

Online dog training gives you more options – and that is so important for high prey drive dogs. There is lots to learn about them and not all that many positive dog trainers offering help with prey drive. Making sure that you can access everybody who can help you even if they are far away, is so important. You can do both – online and in person learning. Blending the two approaches allows you as well to work with more trainers and that is awesome. No one person will have all the answers for you so allowing yourself to access anybody who might help you is going to make all the difference to you. Don’t let yourself be held back.


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