If your dog takes off after small furries or birds – or large furries like deer!

I have a FREE 5-day challenge for you.

Even if you don’t have other animals at home, you’ll find that almost all walks are filled with them.

Chasing or hunting for other animals can put your dog at risk of getting lost or hurt. Not to mention the risk to you of being dragged over if your dog spots a squirrel before you.

Ignoring all calls to come back is common in dogs while chasing or hunting.

What you are living with is a dog with a high prey drive and you are not alone. I promise.

In JUST 5 days, you will clearly see improvements in your best friend's behaviour, using the easy-to-understand and simple-to-implement process I developed as part of my MSc in Animal Behaviour Studies.

The best part of all is this challenge is going to take place in our private group on Facebook, where you'll also build bonds with other owners just like you!

The brilliant news is that you can have all of that AND it’s completely free AND you don’t have to travel to get it.

This five-day online high prey drive challenge will help you to connect with your dog more strongly, to be safer on walks AND feel less stress and guilt about your dog.

Woman with short hair and a pink jacket looks down at a beautiful golden dog. The dog stands to her side and is looking up at her.

Hi - I’m Tracey McLennan and I love high prey drive dogs.

Just as much, I love helping people just like you learn to work with and understand their dog’s prey drive.

I’ve been living with high prey drive dogs for over 20 years now. I have dealt with problems related to catching, killing and eating prey animals right through to running off, following smells and getting lost. So I understand exactly what you are going through.

I’ve taught dog training classes and workshops, as well as spending many years working as a volunteer in both large and small rescue organisations - and for the amazing Paws for Progress.

I studied predatory behaviour in dogs in depth for my master's degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training. My research was then published in the peer reviewed journal, Applied Animal Behaviour Science. I am also a Tellington TTouch practitioner and have a BSc (hons) degree in Canine Behaviour and Training.

I created this five-day challenge to be a fast and effective way of helping you to get on the right path as quickly as possible because I know how hard it is to deal with high prey drive in our pets. What truly excites me about the challenge is the way that it brings people together and the joy that is felt when people can see results FAST.

Check out just a few of the comments from previous challenges.

“This week has been wonderful. During the walk pheasants flew out very close by on a number of occasions and she just calmly watched then looked for a treat.”

“It’s been a breath of fresh air as I was feeling so fed up and stuck with a beautiful dog but worried about walking him. You have given some directions that are making differences.”

“Here is my wayward sprocker this morning, coming back to check in from the undergrowth. Normally she stays in there forever, or works her way down the undergrowth parallel to me. Today she was back and forth on her own accord even though it is teeming with rabbit holes. So pleased.”

If you join the challenge, it will help you to:

Be more confident that your dog will not get lost or hurt taking off after prey on your walks.

Get your dog’s attention when it’s most important for his safety.

Be safer on walks.

Give your dog the happy life he deserves.

Spend time relaxing on walks instead of wating for him to take off.

Feel less alone in your struggle to teach your best friend how to be more relaxed.

Inside the challenge you will get:

A daily email with that day’s lesson.

An action sheet that you can download for each day.

Access to a Facebook group where you can get support from the other challenge participants and from me.

Each evening at 6:30pm UK time ( you can use this to convert to your timezone ), I’ll do a 30-minute live chat that’ll be streamed to the Facebook group and to my YouTube channel so that I can catch up with you and be there live to answer any questions.

The challenge starts on Monday the 18th of March 2024.

A woman is reading lesson one of the challenge on a tablet with a cup of coffee next to her.

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Legal Disclaimer: I would love to promise you the same results as I got from this training. I would also love to promise you how long it will take. I simply can't give any guarantees. Success in dog training depends on a range of factors including but not limited to: your own efforts, your skill at implementing the training suggested, the time you spend on training, as well as your dog's prior experiences, health, and temperament. You remain responsible for your dog's behaviour.