Start here

If your dog's prey drive is getting in the way of your bond with them, have a look at my Connect with your dog class. It will help you to get back on the right track.

Step One

Learn about how to manage your dog's environment and protect your dog from negative consequences of their prey drive. From muzzle training to getting your dog to move on with you, I have you covered.

Step Two

Hone your observation skills.

Learn the skill that all great dog trainers share so that you can learn exactly what it is that your dog loves about prey animals, how to work out what things will calm YOUR dog down and how to figure out the best way to structure your walks for success.

Step Three

Teach your dog to be calm, still and able to think - even if there are prey animals around.

Step Four

Give your dog outlets for their prey drive that are meaningful to them and acceptable to you.


Step Five

Teach your dog to the vital skills that they need to know to be safe around prey animals. Just in case you are surprised.

Get Help.

If you've been doing a class and would like some detailed 1-2-1 support from me, you can get it here. If you need anything else, email me on and I'll help.