Become your prey driven dog's best friend.

  • Do you sometimes feel as if your dog wishes you didn't walk with them so that they could chase prey as much as they want?

  • Have you started to avoid some walks you used to love because it's just too difficult to walk your dog in those places?

  • Have you been advised to work on your dog's recall but have found recall training hasn't helped?

  • Have people told you that you need to be more interesting than the prey animals but you are pretty sure that won't be possible with your dog?

If you are nodding your head at these questions, I want you to know that you are not alone. Many dogs are breeds or mixes of breeds who have been selected for many generations to increase their interest in prey animals. Not all dogs develop an interest but many do – and if you're reading and nodding at my questions, I suspect that you have a dog who did develop an interest. 

The good news is that you can make changes that will help both you and your dog enjoy walks more. You can do that without making yourself more interesting than a prey animal And without working on your dog's recall.

In fact, I'll make you a promise right now that I will NEVER tell you that you need to make yourself more interesting than a prey animal.

“Tracey imparts her wisdom in such a helpful and supportive manner, and the private Facebook group was brilliant for sharing experiences with the other attendees. And I've now got lots of new fun ideas of how to work with Alice's prey drive.”

Clare Parker

I've been where you are. I have a dog who's prey drive caused me so many problems – and made me learn the skills I have to teach you. Some of my dog trainer colleagues told me to just accept that he is a dog who would never be able to be off-lead in forests – or anywhere there might be wildlife. I didn't want that for him so I set out to learn more and for years now, I've regularly walked that dog off-lead in forests and other places where there might be wildlife. 

He went from being a dog who was always miles away from me, following a scent trail to being a dog who mostly walks next to me.

Would it help you if you could learn things that would let you make the same sort of shift with your dog?

If the answer is YES! I have good news. The course Connect with your prey driven dog was designed just for people like you. It contains 6 days worth of content and gives you loads of help to understand your dog – and connect with them even in exciting places. 

“I loved the Prey Driven course. It was short, concise and to the point but there were so many great ideas to think about and lots of games to play with my little terrier. We both had great fun. It's really changed how I see her when she starts to scent and hunt when we are out. I hope she's beginning to see me as an ally in her adventures too.”

Fiona McLean

Hi, I'm Tracey, and I'm a dog trainer with over 15 years of experience. My focus now is on working with people who have reactive dogs, aggressive dogs, or prey driven dogs.

This course is the result of my frustration at how hard it was to find help when my collie cross dog, Cuillin was young and found his passion in life – following the scent of wildlife. This doesn't seem too serious an issue, I know. The thing was that Cuillin would go a long way from me and sometimes would disappear for hours. I missed work once and was late for a couple of nights out. I was in tears many times.

I didn't know all that much about prey drive and started asking lots of my dog training colleagues for advice. Nobody really seemed to know what would help. Internet searches were no more use. I kept searching for ways to apply the training skills and behaviour knowledge I had I had to enable Cuillin and I to both enjoy walks in forests.

From all of that work, I've pulled together six simple but highly effective lessons to get you on the right track. Your dog may not love to follow their nose like Cuillin. Your dog may love to chase or catch or hold – the course covers all prey driven dogs.

It'll help you to understand what it is that your dog loves the most. It's common not to know. I spent over a year thinking that Cuillin loved to chase wildlife more than anything else – which turned out not to be the case.

“These courses are helping me understand my prey driven sheepdog and we are definitely making progress. It is fabulous to have support from Tracey who really understands our problems. Having read her excellent book has also been an inspiration to us.”

Jennifer Frances Jones

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Will I have to correct my dog?

No. All training is done with treats, Animal Centred Education (ACE) – and a little bit of Tellington TTouch. No corrections needed.

Tracey, what are your qualifications?

I have a BSc(Hons) degree in Canine behaviour and training. I'm a Tellington TTouch practitioner and an ACE Advanced Tutor.

“Tracey has a lovely, easy going style of teaching that I really enjoy. She makes learning and following the exercises simple and the online format was great. I'm not good with technology but the course design was simple to access and it fitted in better with my lifestyle to be able to do guided sessions in my own time. I highly recommend Tracey's courses. ”

Lynne Mejury

This course costs JUST


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Legal Disclaimer: I would love to promise you the same results as I got from this training. I would also love to promise you how long it will take. I simply can't give any guarantees. Success in dog training depends on a range of factors including but not limited to: your own efforts, your skill at implementing the training suggested, the time you spend on training, as well as your dog's prior experiences, health, and temperament. You remain responsible for your dog's behaviour.