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I completely get it.

Your dog is behaving in ways that scare, frustrate and embarass you - sometimes all at the same time. All you want to do is have relaxing walks with your dog.

All your dog wants to do is go off after prey.

You've probably heard all sorts of myths about what your dog is doing - and what you need to do. Myths like:

If you make a mistake and your dog chases even once, all your training will be undone.

Your dog has the same interest in prey as a wolf does - and wants to kill and eat the animals they go after.

You caused the problem by not training your dog better, giving them too much freedom or not giving them enough freedom.

Working harder on your dog's recall will fix the problem.

That only an ecollar can make your dog's training reliable around prey.

Sorry for all the angry faces but I find it so frustrating that these myths are so often told to lovely people like you. I know the damage they cause to both your confidence - and the journey you are on with your dog.

Whether you end up working with me or not, I want you to know that this is not your fault. Prey drive does not happen due to lack of training, too much freedom, not enough freedom – or any of the other things that have been suggested to you. It happens because most of the dogs we live with are descended from dogs who were deliberately bred to have a high prey drive. Most breeds were created so that the dogs could help people in some way and most of that help needed the dogs to have a high drive to do something with other animals.

Then, somewhere along the way, it became common to dump all the blame on dog owners. You may well have had loads of dogs, all of whom were no bother on walks. Now - with the same training and management as you have always used - you have one who is a huge problem on walks.

Now you deal with your dog being hard work and a bunch of judgemental advice from people who are sure it's all your fault.

Your life doesn't need to be like that. Let me help you. I have the skills, experience and knowledge to cut through the myths and give you information that is correct. And I will help you to make the advice work in your life and with your precious dog without judging or belittling you.

Image of email.  Text reads: I just wanted to say thanks for the High Prey drive club. Your support has been brilliant. The sessions have been really informative and I've enjoyed being part of everyone's journey. I particularly like the idea that we are doing this together over a year. There is no rush, it's fine to make progress steadily and slowly. This way its so much easier not to get discouraged. Margot and I have improved so much as a team already, and I am finally enjoying our walks. Can't believe we are only 3 months in! Looking forward to the next few months together.

You - and your dog - are worth VIP Status

Here is what I'm offering:

Come to masterclasses live by zoom so that you can immediately ask me for clarification. Or listen to the recording if that works better for you.

If you prefer your knowledge in bite size pieces, download the slides and worksheet each month and work from those.

Join monthly coaching calls live by zoom so that you can get my direct help with your challenges - and celebrate your successes. Or listen to the recording if that works better for you.

Get constant access to me for help via my private online forum so that you don't have to wait when you have a question.

Share video of your training with me. I will watch your video many times to pick up on little things that are happening and will be able to give you detailed advice.

Get access to extra masterclasses just for VIPs.

Get additional support put together just for VIP members.

I'll throw in a scentwork class as well as a joining gift.

Take a video tour and check it all out.

I was sent this photo – and an update - by one of my very first high prey drive club members. It looks unremarkable. A dog looking bored with a deer nearby. Truly great training often looks unimpressive. This is dog had such a strong reaction to wildlife that prior to being in the Club, he could not be walked in places like this.

A high prey drive pointer stands calmly with a deer nearby.

This sounds great but what exactly will be covered?

Small terrier walking on a loose lead to demonstrate that it is possible even with high prey drive dogs.

Lead walking

In January, the Masterclass is all about lead walking with your high prey drive dog. You’ll learn how to teach your dog to manage a loose lead, even when there are distractions around. You’ll also discover how to prevent pulling and lunging on the lead - AND how to plan for successful walks.

In July, we'll look at the role of arousal in lead walking. You’ll understand how your dog’s emotional state affects their behaviour on the lead. You'll also get access to easy and effective methods to get your dog walking on a loose lead. And a simple way to get your dog moving if they freeze on the spot.

A woman with long hair carefully observes a dog as if she is hoping to learn all she can about the dog's prey drive.

Powerful Observations

February’s masterclass is about observation skills and lead walking. You’ll learn how to spot and deal with potential prey triggers for your dog, and how to calm your dog if excitement levels get too high.

August’s masterclass is about arousal levels. You’ll learn how to monitor and manage your dog’s emotional state, and how to make your walks more calm and enjoyable.

A cup of coffee and glasses next to a notebook which has the words new mindset new results written on it. Mindset is crucial for training high prey drive dogs.

Mindset For Success

March’s masterclass is about overcoming the guilt you may feel about your dog’s prey drive and how it affects their life. You’ll also realise how much your dog loves and appreciates you, no matter what.

September’s masterclass is about planning. You’ll learn how to set clear goals for your dog’s behaviour, and how to create a plan to achieve them. You’ll also get unstuck from any obstacles or challenges that may come your way.

Mindset is crucial for all dog training, especially for high prey drive dogs. You’ll learn how to develop a positive and confident mindset that will help you and your dog succeed.

A Golden Retriever sits and focuses on her trainer. They are in an area with trees which can contain animals like squirrels to distract a high prey drive dog.

Impulse Control & Stillness

April’s masterclass is about impulse control and food rewards. You’ll learn how to teach your dog to resist distractions and follow your commands. And how to use food effectively to motivate and reinforce even the non foody dogs.

October’s masterclass will teach you the power of using a go cue to build up your dog's love of stillness. This will be a great help in preventing your dog from chasing anything that moves.

A Hungarian Vizsla uses his nose to perform the hunt part of the predatory motor sequence.

Great Prey Drive Outlets

May’s masterclass is about giving outlets. You’ll learn how to give your dog appropriate ways to express their prey drive, without worsening their behavior.

November’s masterclass is about chase, grab, and hold behaviors. You’ll learn how to deal with these common issues in high prey drive dogs, and how to provide them with safe and satisfying outlets.

Two dogs run along a narrow, wooden path to recall to the person behind the camera.

Emergency Stop & Recall

June’s masterclass is about stop and responsiveness skills. You’ll learn how to teach your dog to stop and be still when you ask, and how to improve their attention and obedience to you.

December’s masterclass is about recall and high prey drive dogs. You’ll learn the reasons behind recall problems, and how to customise your recall training for your dog. You’ll also discover how to get your dog to come back to you reliably and happily.

Pay £462 for a year.
Get 12 months for the price of 11

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12 payments
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* Please note that there is an additional cost for 1-2-1s

Maybe you still have some questions.

Q. Which month would be best to start?

Right now is perfect. I have carefully designed it so that no matter when in a year you join, you can start there. Each masterclass works as a starting point so join right now.

Q. What happens after I pay?

You'll get an email from me welcoming you and giving you all the details that you'll need. If it doesn't turn up within 24 hours of you joining, contact me and let me know. There is a link to do that at the bottom of this page.

Q. What if I lose the welcome email?

Please don't worry. I will email you weekly to keep in touch and remind you of everything that is going on in the Club.

Q. How long do I have access?

You'll have access for a year. You can also download all the slides and worksheets to remind you of everything covered during the year.

Q. Can I see what the Club looks like inside?

Yes. Of course you can. I'd be delighted to show you.
Please note that whichever month you join will be the first month of The Club that you'll see.

Q. What if I don't like it?

I hope you'll love it but if you don't and you let me know within 2 weeks of joining, I will give you a full refund. No quibbling and no questions asked.

Q. Will I have to correct my dog?

No. My skills have been learned and developed without the use of anything that might startle, frighten or hurt your dog. All my training is done with tons of treats, fun, games and toys.

Q. Tracey, what are your qualifications?

I have an MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training that I passed with distinction due to the original research I carried out into prey drive. I also have a BSc(Hons) degree in Canine behaviour and training and an MA (Hons) degree in philosophy which helps guide me ethically. I am a researcher into predatory behaviour in dogs with articles published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science journal.

Q. Will I have the opportunity to ask you questions?

Absolutely. You will have constant access to me in the private Club forum and you will be able to join the live masterclasses, coaching calls AND live Q&A sessions. You will be fully supported every single step of the way.

Image of email.  Text read: First Class course! Having completed the Masterclass with Tracey I have learned so much. Her style of presentation and communication is great and so informative. It is well paced and controlled so her audience isn't rushed and can calmly take in the message/instructions that are given.

Woman with short hair and a pink jacket looks down at a beautiful golden dog. The dog stands to her side and is looking up at her.

Hi – I’m Tracey and I am:

Passionate about using simple, easy methods to make living with high prey drive dogs easy to do.

Highly qualified with a BSc (hons) in Canine Behaviour and Training AND an MSc with distinction in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training.

Experienced - with over 20 years of experience in training high prey drive dogs of a variety of breeds to control themselves around prey.

A published researcher on prey drive in dogs with original research and a review of the literature on prey drive in dogs being published in the respected journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science.

The author of Canine aggression : Rehabilitating an aggressive dog with kindness and compassion.

The email I got with this video said "I feel like I’ve won the olympics."

Pay £462 for a year.
Get 12 months for the price of 11

If you'd rather pay by bank transfer, click here to email me.

12 payments
of £42 each

* Please note that there is an additional cost for 1-2-1s