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Muzzle Love


Traceys muzzle course is absolutely fantastic for covering all the points needed for successful muzzle wearing. I worked through it with my own dog and found everything went really well! As a vet nurse and behaviourist it is invaluable to me to have a great online resource I can recommend to clients. A dog that is happy to wear a muzzle is so much less stressed at the vets. Highly recommend all dog owners train muzzle wearing with this course.

Clare Kerr ( Talking Tails )

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Find my keys!


Find my keys was a great course. It’s broken down into small achievable steps, which enables you to reward your dog easily along the way. Therefore my Dinky thought it was just the greatest game. We play find the keys most days before I go to work, it’s a good for him to use his brain/nose he’s then calm and ready to be on his own for a few hours.

Mandy Mactaggart

Find My Keys, helped build a great bond with both my dogs, it was both fun and useful. Using the keys unique scent combined with my own really helped Silvino and Carlo search and find them. My dogs love to work and learn , with the foundation of scent work finding things improves their wellbeing and builds confidence. Find My Keys course has helped my relationship with my dogs on focus ,engagement and most of all giving them an outlet to use their nose and natural instincts.

Caroline Newton

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