Spotlight on mouths - Tricks & Games: Drop

30 May 2020, 6 p.m. by Tracey McLennan

Remember, you know your dog best, so ignore any suggestions that may upset your dog or cause you to be bitten.

So drop is another mouth-related game that you might want to teach your dog, and I saw this video that Chirag Patel did that is absolutely amazing. I’m just going to show you the beginning part of it. You start to teach your dog what the word “drop” means.

[I speak to Cuillin] It’s your turn, Cuillin.

Now key in this little video is that Cuillin has nothing in his mouth to start with. I’m just teaching him that “drop” is a signal that food is on the ground. So what I’ve got to do is say the word first, and THEN the food goes on the ground. This is the key to the whole thing.

So I am going to talk about little apart from that.

The word drop THEN the food goes on the ground. If you work on pointing the food out to your dog as well, it helps them become a bit more used to your hands being near the food. Or whatever it is – because obviously if they’ve picked up something that you don’t want them to have, then you might want to pick it up so if they’re used to your hands being around as part of “drop” then that will help.

So – here we go.

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Tracey McLennan

Tracey is the author of Canine aggression: Rehabilitating an aggressive dog with kindess and compassion and founder of Best Dog Learning and Stuff Ltd. She has an honours degree in Canine behaviour and training, is a Tellington TTouch practitioner, and is an ACE Advanced Tutor.

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