Is the lead the only thing connecting you?

When you go out to walk your dog, do you sometimes feel as if the only connection you have with your dog is the lead your dog is on? That if you dropped the lead or it broke, your dog would be off without even a second glance. That feeling sucks.

There are loads and loads of reasons why there might be times when you depend on the lead. High prey drive is right up at the top, causing many dogs to lose their connection and their people to depend on a lead. It can start to feel like a real battle – especially as high prey drive dogs often pull on the lead into the bargain.

Here is just a little thing that you can start doing. If there is something your dog loves to do with you at home – a game you play or a treat you give them – start to do just a little of it on your walks. The trick here is to stay light-hearted and offer the fun thing for a second or two once or twice on your walk. Keep it easy and fun for both of you – and don’t worry if your dog doesn’t join in at first. Changing habits doesn’t happen overnight.

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