Behaviour Consultations

Each week I have space for a small number of behaviour consultations. I'm delighted to be able to do this as I love working with people on a one to one basis. These are aimed at people who are caring for dogs with behaviour problems.

Dog behaviour problems are wide ranging, and I particularly specialise in helping people with high prey drive dogs and with dogs who are aggressive or reactive.

When I first start to work with you, I will ask you to fill in a form to help me form a picture of you, your dog, and the problem. At the same time, we’ll arrange an initial meeting to allow me to do an in-depth consultation with you. I will require the completed form back a week before our consultation so that I can spend time reading and absorbing it. I will also require payment when you return the form.

I will ask you to take video of your dog, upload it to YouTube and email me a link. The video and the form together help me to gain a good understanding of the problem you face before our consultation.

Our initial consultation will last for around 60 – 90 minutes and will be conducted via zoom.

During our consultation I will give you support to start making immediate improvements with your dog.

I will provide you with written or video resources as appropriate to support you making progress along with a plan tailored to you and your dog within one week of our consultation.

We will have a one hour follow on meeting with your dog 1 – 3 weeks after the consultation to allow us to check progress and to make any amendments necessary to your plan.

This will usually be in person but if the problem is happening in your home, this will be done by zoom also.

For one month after our initial consultation, I will provide you with email support. To get the best out of this support, you should be prepared to take video of the work you are doing regularly, upload it to YouTube and send me a link to it. I’ll give you instructions about how to do that if you need them.

The cost of a behaviour consultation is £300.

I will not abandon you when the month is finished. If a month of support isn’t enough and you want to carry on working with me, I will be delighted. You can purchase additional months of support on a month-by-month basis at £100 each. These will consist of email support for the month and a half hour in person or zoom meeting.


Behaviour Consultation Additional 1 month support

60 - 90 minute zoom call

Available ONLY as a follow to a behaviour consultation.

Advice given to get you started straight away

1-2-1 follow up lesson of 30 minutes.

A plan tailored for you and your dog delivered within a week of the consultation

Ongoing email support for 1 month.

1-2-1 follow up lesson of 60 minutes

Ongoing email support for 1 month

Cost: £300

Cost: £100

Am I the right person for you to work with?

Getting support for behaviour problems is a bit of a journey. There are strong emotions involved and you will vulnerable. That’s why it’s important to find the right person to work with.

I have a range of free resources on my website that you can access to see how I work, what I look like and what I sound like. It would be difficult for us to work together if the sound of my voice made you want to put your fingers in your ears. Here is a link: Click here for free resources

My way of working may not suit you, so I’ll outline it for you to allow you to be as sure as possible.

I am keen that if we are going to work together that we are a good fit. I put so much into the work that I do, and it is important to me to work with people who will do the same for their dog. While we are working together, I will think of your dog while I’m walking my dogs, while I’m having a shower and sometimes, I’ll wake up in the night thinking of your dog. When you send me videos, I will watch each one multiple times before getting back to you.

I see dog behaviour work as a partnership and if we are to work together, I need to know that you are ready and able to do the work and take the steps needed to improve life for you and for your dog.

If you would like to go ahead and work with me, send an email to briefly explaining the issue you are having and I’ll get back to you.

About me

My journey into dog training started with my first dog who was a male bullmastiff named Calgacus. When he was a young dog, we found a lovely training class, and Calgacus and I learned all about clicker training. Things were pretty good until Calgacus reached adolescence.

Our dog trainer, keen to help us with some of the normal challenges with adolescent dogs, offered me some advice, which I followed with disastrous consequences. Calgacus became aggressive toward other dogs.

He attacked and severely injured one dog and responded with aggression toward any dog he could see when we were out - no matter how far away they were.

That was where I really started learning about dog behaviour and training.

In the years that followed, I trained to be a Tellington TTouch Practitioner. During those years, Calgacus got over his issues with other dogs.

He would make himself smaller and would move slowly to reassure nervous dogs. He would play with bouncy, playful dogs.

He was so good that I spent five years as a student at Bishop Burton College getting a BSc (hons) degree in Canine Behaviour and Training. Calgacus was my training partner for the practical tests. He learned to be a gundog in first year, and in second year, he and I were tested by doing a four-minute heelwork to music routine.

More recently, my friend and mentor Sarah Fisher invited me to be one of her ACE Advanced Tutors, which is something I feel a great deal of pride about.

In among all of that, I wrote a book about the experiences that Calgacus and I had together Canine aggression: Rehabilitating an aggressive dog with kindness and compassion.

Over the years, I have trained my own dogs for a variety of dog sports to varying levels. These include Heelwork to Music, Gundog Training, Working Trials, Kennel Club Good Citizen tests, Agility, and, most recently, Scentwork UK.

I have a passion for problem-solving and have been lucky enough to share my life with dogs who prove to have challenges in one way or another.

I have worked to help my dogs through issues such as dog to dog aggression, resource guarding between dogs and issues caused by one of my dogs having an extremely high prey drive.

Alongside running Best Dog Learning and Stuff and supporting people with their dogs, I'm currently a student again and am studying for an MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training.

If you would like to go ahead and work with me, send an email to briefly explaining the issue you are having and I’ll get back to you.