Avoid comparisons with others

9 Jan 2022, 6:57 a.m. by Tracey McLennan

We’re all encouraged to compare ourselves to others all the time. Exam results at school, weight loss clubs, jobs, houses, gardens – so much comparison. The comparisons are so often not helpful. They can make you feel like you are falling behind or that you aren’t doing things the right way. With high prey drive dogs, comparisons are really not helpful because the dogs are all so different.

I was contacted recently by somebody who told me that they were so glad to have bought a class from me because she had been feeling like a failure and doing the class had helped her to see that she could and was making progress. She is dedicated to her lovely dog and spend lots of time working with her dog. She is in lots of Facebook groups and clearly talks to loads of people about her dog. In short, this is somebody who is doing a fabulous job and who should, in no way, feel like a failure. The feelings of failure came from comparing her progress with what other people were doing – and then feeling as if they were doing better.

If you end up feeling like things don’t work for you and as if everybody else is doing better than you are, I have a couple of thoughts that I hope will help. The first thing to remember is that everybody’s dog is different – especially if prey drive is your challenge. They all have different levels of drive, different desires and different things trigger each dog. You really can’t compare with others – even others of the same age and breed. The journey you and your dog are on is unique to you. So, stop comparing especially if it makes you feel bad. The second thing to remember is that when you talk to people or see what they post on social media, their idea of doing well might be very different from your idea of doing well. They may be making the same sort of progress as you – but they feel happy with it and so are reporting things going well. In short, avoid comparisons with others!


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