In my last blog, I mentioned my work and some of the things I have gotten out of it. For people who don't know me, I spent 22 years working as a systems analyst and developer. I loved the work and considered the job I had to be close to perfect. I would have happily stayed in it for another 22 years but that wasn't possible. The system was decommissioned at the end of 2019 and my colleagues and I were all made redundant.

As my old colleagues and I approached the ends of our jobs, we were under a lot of stress. I felt depressed and anxious a lot of the time – feelings I took to be a normal and healthy part of going through such a huge change.

To help me feel better about those changes, I actively chose to practice gratitude. I took time out of every day to appreciate the things I had that helped to pull me through what was a dark time. One of the big things was Best Dog Learning and Stuff.

It continues to fill me with joy. My last job was pretty close to perfect. Best Dog Learning and Stuff is work that is a step or two closer to perfection. Putting together online courses and then running them fills me with immense satisfaction. The work has brought some lovely and fascinating people and dogs into my life. Adding to what the company can do and building it up is proving to be a wonderful experience.

So I wanted today's blog to be about the power that there is in the practice of actively looking for things in life that are wonderful. Particularly during dark and stressful times.

If you are reading this and you are one of the people who is so focused on helping your dog that you forget yourself and your own well-being, I want you to pause for a second. You are so important in your dog's life and your welfare is as important as your dog's welfare. So remember to spend time every day thinking about what is good in your life. Take time out for yourself too. Do things you love, get some rest and recharge. Your dog will be okay if you take a break when you need it.

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Tracey McLennan

Tracey is the author of Canine aggression: Rehabilitating an aggressive dog with kindess and compassion and founder of Best Dog Learning and Stuff Ltd. She has an honours degree in Canine behaviour and training, is a Tellington TTouch practitioner, and is an ACE Advanced Tutor.

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